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1. Dezeen Platform: Feats per Minute

  • Published: 2011-12-22T17:41:58+00:00
  • Duration: 99
  • By Dezeen
Dezeen Platform: Feats per Minute

Dutch designers Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank de Jong talk about their prototype for a bicycle that plays records on its wheels as you ride, in this movie that we filmed at our micro-exhibition Dezeen Platform.

2. Li Edelkoort at Dezeen Live

  • Published: 2012-12-21T20:56:39+00:00
  • Duration: 1004
  • By Dezeen
Li Edelkoort at Dezeen Live

Interiors and products will need more tactile designs as the use of computers and screens makes us crave a sense of touch, trend forecaster Li Edelkoort predicts in this movie filmed at Dezeen Live. "The more screens we have the more our figures are afraid we’re going to disappear," she says. "I feel it already in my fingers that they want me to touch lots of things so I don’t loose contact with touch." Edelkoort therefore predicts that textiles will be increasingly important in interior design, supporting the increasingly nomadic lifestyle that mobile technology permits. "You can be in the middle of the desert and people will think you’re in New York," she says, "So you become anonymous and you don't care anymore where you are. I think that sort of freedom which is going to be created will make us want to have lots of textiles, lots of rugs, we will have portable tables, portable sinks, portable lights like lanterns." This nomadic attitude could also alter our social relationships, she suggests. "This liberty we have now in work and play will reflect also in the other parts of life, so eating, sleeping, entertaining, we would be more nomadic about that, not always sitting at the same table with the same partner." Edelkoort proposes grandparents and grandchildren as "the new couple of the future," as people live longer and choose more freely who to spend their time with. She thinks that "individualism is over and so people care much more about family, even if it’s chosen family and friends," leading to a more compassionate society. "It’s all about a society which is, let’s say, softer, more rounded, more textured." Edelkoort begins the talk with an image showing the hands of a child and elderly person. "There is a falling away of the generation gap, whereas grandparents are very young and young children are very old," she says. "They hang out together for a while... it means that you can be a baby your whole life, or you can be already old even when you’re born. I think that age is now going to be more of a mental thing than a physical thing actually." The next image represents nomadism and shows textiles with portable furniture. "We have all our devices we can work and stay wherever we want," says Edelkoort. "This new feeling of freedom, which is fairly recent, is only now starting to modify the brain I believe." Her third image shows Massoud Hassani's device for seeking and destroying landmines, based on a wind-powered toy and made of bamboo and plastic components. "It’s a mine killer, but its completely organic and very cheap," Edelkoort says, adding "it’s very beautiful how a childhood toy can become now such an amazing device." Next is a set of building blocks for children comprising rounded wooden pieces and small leather balls. "This is to teach babies how to feel form and how to create buildings and skylines, and it’s like soft toys instead of the square toys," she explains. "Of course, already the babies have their screens so this is to counterbalance the screens." The final image shows a mask incorporating bones and introduces the 2013 Arnhem fashion biennial (MoBa 13) that Edelkoort is curating on the theme of fetishism. "There is a moment in fashion where there is this super need to be very fetishistic. There is animalism, there is children’s behaviors, there is of course bondage, there is lace, there is fur, feathers and so on," she explains. "I'm going to investigate why." Edelkoort concludes with the idea that "trend forecasting is like archeology but to the future", explaining how she looks for little fragments in current culture to predict what's coming next. Dezeen Live was a series of discussions between Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs and a number of designers and critics that took place at design exhibition 100% Design during London Design Festival this September.

3. Augmented reality demonstration at Dezeen's Imagine Shop in Selfridges

  • Published: 2014-01-15T13:01:49+00:00
  • Duration: 191
  • By Dezeen
Augmented reality demonstration at Dezeen's Imagine Shop in Selfridges

See more architecture and design movies at This movie we filmed at Dezeen's pop-up shop of the future at London department store Selfridges demonstrates how augmented reality technology could transform retail. Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs introduces the shop we curated for Selfridges' Festival of Imagination, which includes a virtual retail experience for Dezeen Watch Store and a life-size walkaround digital model of Zaha Hadid's superyacht - both created by technology company Inition. "The Imagine Shop is an attempt to visualise the kind of products, services and shops we might have in the future," says Fairs. The space on the ground floor of the department store contains all wall of 3D-printed products and clothing by Janne Kyttanen of 3D Systems, and even features a giant printed ping-pong table. "The most exciting thing here is that we've worked with Inition, which is a 3D visualisation company, to show how augmented reality could be used in stores of the future," Fairs says. Inition lead creative Alex Lambert then talks about the augmented-reality projects that his company and Dezeen worked on for this event. "Inition and Dezeen collaborated on two pieces of augmented reality," he says, "one for watches available at the Dezeen Watch Store and another for a £300 million superyacht designed by Zaha Hadid." Lambert talks through the technology, which works using a tablet camera that picks up the code from patterned markers then displays the 3D model on screen. "This type of augmented reality relies on a tablet," he explains. "You'll see a live video feed coming through the camera and once you point it at the marker the 3D model will appear." Two versions of the yacht are included in the shop: a miniature version and a full-size model that glides across the tablet screen. "We've actually created the yacht in full scale," says Lambert. "It's a sunny blue ocean with a full-scale yacht sailing past, just to give people an idea of the scale of the superyacht." Using the same technology, shoppers can try on designs from Dezeen Watch Store at a virtual watch shop. Shoppers simply attach a band around their wrist and hold it up to a camera, then the chosen watch manifests over the band. "We take one of these bespoke trackers... turn to the camera, get the marker in view and boom! The watch appears," Lambert describes. Inition added texture and shadows to the virtual watches to make them look as realistic as possible. Different models and colourways appear instantaneously around the wrist on screen as they are selected. "Dezeen are very forward thinking in employing this technology, especially for watches," says Lambert. "In the future hopefully people will download the app, use a webcam or tablet and try on the watches at home before they purchase online." Elsewhere in the department store, Inition also worked with fashion designer Gareth Pugh to install a virtual reality booth on the first floor and an auditorium designed by Dutch architects OMA has been created in the basement. The Festival of Imagination continues all this month at Selfridges on Oxford Street, central London.

4. Dezeen Studio Showreel

  • Published: 2013-10-18T08:05:59+00:00
  • Duration: 210
  • By Dezeen
Dezeen Studio Showreel

5. Zaha Hadid at Dezeen Studio

  • Published: 2012-04-29T23:38:17+00:00
  • Duration: 328
  • By Dezeen
Zaha Hadid at Dezeen Studio

In Milan April 2012 Zaha Hadid paid a surprise visit to Dezeen Studio to chat to us about her Secret Garden installation and some of the other projects she has in the pipeline, as well as to discuss how she wishes she could get more involved in furniture and product design.

6. Stair Rover by Po-Chih Lai at Show RCA 2012

  • Published: 2012-06-21T17:18:01+00:00
  • Duration: 150
  • By Dezeen
Stair Rover by Po-Chih Lai at Show RCA 2012

See more architecture and design movies at Royal College of Art graduate Po-Chih Lai has designed a rugged eight-wheeled skateboard that can roll down stairs. Read more in our story on Dezeen:

7. Dezeen Multi Touch Book Launch

  • Published: 2009-05-21T10:36:45+00:00
  • Duration: 62
  • By seeper
Dezeen Multi Touch Book Launch

Dezeen, Green Design book launch @ Boffi.

8. Dezeen Platform: Fraser Ross

  • Published: 2012-02-10T11:36:51+00:00
  • Duration: 88
  • By Dezeen
Dezeen Platform: Fraser Ross

In this movie filmed at our micro exhibition Dezeen Platform autumn 2011, Glasgow designer Fraser Ross presents his series of plant-like sculptures that react to the presence and movement of people around them.

9. Dezeen Interview - Dutch Design Week.

Dezeen Interview - Dutch Design Week.

French designer Marlène Huissoud explains how she produced a range of "glass" and "leather" objects using resin collected from beehives and silkworm cocoons in this movie from Eindhoven. Read more on Dezeen:

10. Dezeen Platform: JAILmake Studio

  • Published: 2011-12-20T17:16:18+00:00
  • Duration: 111
  • By Dezeen
Dezeen Platform: JAILmake Studio

In this interview filmed at Dezeen Space, London designers JAILmake Studio talk about their Brick Replacement Service, which turned seeds and soil into bricks during a day at our micro-exhibition Dezeen Platform.

11. Dezeen Platform: Philippe Malouin

  • Published: 2012-02-10T13:26:37+00:00
  • Duration: 123
  • By Dezeen
Dezeen Platform: Philippe Malouin

London-based Canadian designer Philippe Malouin showed his bowls formed of waxed concrete at Dezeen Space as part of Dezeen Platform last autumn. Malouin cast the bowls in response to the fictional character of Vera who was presented to a group of designers by curators Kirsty Minns and Érika Muller in the form of a photograph after they discovered a box of old photos in a junk shop.

12. Maison Hermès installation by Tokujin Yoshioka

  • Published: 2009-12-04T15:21:43+00:00
  • Duration: 71
  • By Dezeen
Maison Hermès installation by Tokujin Yoshioka

Movie © Satoshi Asakawa/courtesy of Hermès Japan

13. Snow by Tokujin Yoshioka

  • Published: 2010-09-01T09:19:27+00:00
  • Duration: 52
  • By Dezeen
Snow by Tokujin Yoshioka

14. Dezeen Platform: Jan Rose

  • Published: 2011-10-03T20:06:30+00:00
  • Duration: 132
  • By Dezeen
Dezeen Platform: Jan Rose

In this movie we filmed at Dezeen Space, designer Jan Rose talks about his furniture that's knitted from steel wire and boiled leather. Rose presents a footstool made of high-tensile stainless steel thread and a lamp knitted from strips of boiled leather. Each piece is produced on a specially designed knitting machine.

15. UK Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 by Thomas Heatherwick

  • Published: 2010-04-08T12:01:36+00:00
  • Duration: 332
  • By Dezeen
UK Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 by Thomas Heatherwick

Here’s a movie of British designer Thomas Heatherwick’s UK Pavilion for the Shanghai Expo 2010, which opens next month.

16. Dezeen Studio: Thursday at MOST

  • Published: 2012-04-19T07:34:45+00:00
  • Duration: 486
  • By Dezeen
Dezeen Studio: Thursday at MOST

In this episode of our daily TV show from Dezeen Studio in Milan Zaha Hadid drops by to chat to us about what she's installed at a secret garden elsewhere in the city and to give an architect's take on the design fair, plus Yves Béhar demonstrates his redesigned SodaStream system for making fizzy drinks at home. Our roving reporter Rose pays a visit to Spazio Rossana Orlandi, where curator Orlandi explains what's on show there this year, while back in the studio Guardian critic Justin McGuirk discusses the arrival of hacking culture and open-source production to the design industry.

17. The History of Typography by Ben Barrett-Forrest

  • Published: 2013-05-10T14:06:36+00:00
  • Duration: 309
  • By Dezeen
The History of Typography by Ben Barrett-Forrest

See more architecture and design movies at

18. Dezeen Platform: Clinton Sheldon

  • Published: 2012-02-10T11:17:58+00:00
  • Duration: 126
  • By Dezeen
Dezeen Platform: Clinton Sheldon

Design graduate Clinton Sheldon uses salvaged components from British furniture makers Ercol to make a series of lighting and furniture in this film made at Dezeen Platform during Dezeen Space last autumn.

19. Dezeen Platform: studio vit

  • Published: 2012-01-31T15:17:37+00:00
  • Duration: 97
  • By Dezeen
Dezeen Platform: studio vit

London based Swedish designers studio vit present their project Eleven Boxes in this movie filmed at our micro-exhibition Dezeen Platform. Each different wooden storage unit is designed to be used individually or in combinations anywhere in a room.

20. Julian Hakes at Dezeen Platform

  • Published: 2011-09-19T17:16:29+00:00
  • Duration: 48
  • By Dezeen
Julian Hakes at Dezeen Platform

In the first of our series of interviews with designers presenting their work at Dezeen Platform at Dezeen Space, architect Julian Hakes talks about his Mojito Shoe, which has no footplate and wraps around the wearer's foot in a single ribbon. The shoes were first shown on Dezeen in 2009 when they were prototypes and due to the response to our story they’re now in production. The Mojito shoe is also featured in the Dezeen Book of Ideas.