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1. Epilogue


At the end of his greatest adventure, Skillman has vanquished his nemesis, recovered the priceless artifact, and saved his latest lover from certain doom. But as he struggles to figure out what comes next, his lady begins to realize her confident, capable man hasn't the first clue what to do once the guns are down. Featured on The Atlantic, Vimeo Staff Picks, The Dissolve, Short of the Week, NoBudge, Film Shortage, io9, Geek Tyrant, Neatorama, Uproxx, Fast Company, Cereal Prize, Cinephilia & Beyond and the London Film Review Official Selections/Screenings: 2013 Tribeca Film Festival - (Nominated Best Narrative Short) 2013 Austin Film Festival 2013 Flyway Film Festival 2013 New Hampshire Film Festival - (Nominated Best Narrative Short) 2013 HollyShorts Film Festival 2013 Northside Film Festival (DIY Competition) 2013 Greenpoint Film Festival 2013 Calgary International Film Festival 2013 Nitehawk Shorts Festival 2014 New York International Short Film Festival (NY Shorts Fest) 2014 Tribeca Films + United Airlines in-flight series 2014 New England Film Festival 2014 Synesthesia Film Festival 2015 Monadnock International Film Festival Also available on IndieFlix, Fandor and Hulu Written and Directed by Dylan Allen Produced by Eddy Vallante, Rebecca Brice and Dylan Allen Starring Chris Henry Coffey and Lucy Walters Director of Photography / Edited by Evan Jake Cohen Music and Poster by Sam's Myth Production Coordinator Jeanne Shiel Casting Director Erica Jensen Costume Design by Hiroka Nakahira Make-Up by Katie Jo Glover and Suzanne Glover Hair by Nackie Karcher, The Karcher Brooklyn 1st AD Jason Brown 1st AC Noah Yuan-Vogel Gaffer Hasan Schahbaz Key Grip Paul Bulgin Wardrobe by Myra Flynn Production Design by Dylan Allen Sound Mixing by Adrian (DJ Dooga) Martinez Sound Editing and Foley by Erik Schuiten DI Producer Heath Raymond / The Mill Colorist Michael Rossiter / The Mill Copyright 2013, Amalgamated Picture Co. All Rights Reserved.

2. epilogue

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  • Duration: 420
  • By kris anka

fourth year calarts film

3. Epilogue

  • Published: 2013-10-10T01:04:28+00:00
  • Duration: 148
  • By Tim Sessler

75 years ago he was born in this house, a farmer's son. Epilogue is a cinematic study of destruction - of a man and his home. HEADPHONES ARE RECOMMENDED // music and sounddesign - alexander maas // // idea, cinematography and editting - tim sessler // // production and editing help - michael marantz and already alive // __________ Thanks a lot to everybody helping throughout the process - especially Autumn, Brett, Brandon and Tucker!

4. EPILOGUE: The Future of Print

  • Published: 2012-05-22T05:04:18+00:00
  • Duration: 1451
  • By EPILOGUEdoc
EPILOGUE: The Future of Print

A student documentary project completed in April 2012. Note: Having received recurring criticism regarding my poor audio editing skills, I hope to be lucky enough to find someone to salvage as much of it as possible when I revisit this project at a later date. Thank you to everyone who has continued to share this film despite it being difficult to listen to. Interviewees in order of appearance: Joanne Saul, Type Books ( Stephen Fowler, Monkey's Paw Bookshop ( Stan Bevington, Coach House Books ( Brian Morgan, The Walrus Magazine ( Don Taylor, Don Taylor Bookbinding ( Michael Torosian, Lumiere Press ( Akemi Nishidera, KOZO Studio Gallery ( George Walker, Biting Dog Press & OCADU ( Special thanks to: Craig Black, for letting me peruse Don Black Linecasting ( & Paul, for allowing me to film at Eliot's Bookshop. And a big thank you to my capstone professor, Grahame Lynch, who was my mentor and advisor through the whole process. All music licensed through This documentary is a humble exploration of the world of print, as it scratches the surface of its future. I consider this a work in progress. It is built upon interviews with individuals who are active in the Toronto print community and questions whether or not they expect to see the disappearance of the physical book within our lifetime. The act of reading a “tangible tome” has evolved, devolved, and changed many times over, especially in recent years. I hope for the film to stir thought and elicit discussion about the immersive reading experience and the lost craft of the book arts, from the people who are still passionate about reading on paper as well as those who are not. Please feel free to leave a comment below or email me directly at [email protected] I would love to hear from you!

5. StudvilleTV Season 3 Finale Movie "The Epilogue"

  • Published: 2015-12-08T07:36:26+00:00
  • Duration: 5434
  • By StudvilleTV
StudvilleTV Season 3 Finale Movie

And it's come down to one last episode, so EPIC we had to make it a movie!!! All Your questions answered in one movie finale you won't soon forget! See how it all ends, the myriad of emotions, the triumphs, the failures, the lies, and the Tomfoolery all wrapped up in the final movie finale. Join us Dec. 6 at 9 pm via our Vimeo and YouTUbe channels $2.99 gets you entry into the most anticipated finale of the year!

6. Ambition – Epilogue

  • Published: 2016-09-28T09:41:32+00:00
  • Duration: 132
  • By Platige Image
Ambition – Epilogue

In 2014's award-winning short film "Ambition", we saw the young Apprentice being taught about the history of cosmic exploration. Two years later, she comes back in 'Ambition - Epilogue', released today, as we prepare to the grand finale of Rosetta mission to be held on friday 30.09. A united effort of Fish Ladder, Platige Image and ESA - European Space Agency, the film is directed by Maciej Jackiewicz, stars Ailsing Franciosi (The Fall, Game of Thrones) and was shot in some wonderful Polish locations (Kampinoski Park Narodowy and Łazienki Królewskie). CREDITS: A Fish Ladder/Platige Image & European Space Agency production Concept/Creative strategy: Fish Ladder Director/Edit: Maciej Jackiewicz Director of photography: Mateusz Skalski Cast : Aisling Franciosi Story: Maciej Jackiewicz, Jan Pomierny, Tobiasz Piątkowski Creative producer: Jan Pomierny Producer: Marta Staniszewska Executive producer: Mark McCaughrean (ESA) Set production: Beata Pych First assistant director/Set manager: Jakub Kędzierski First assistant camera: Piotr Twardowski Focus puller: Seweryn Kukliński Steadicam operator: Jarosław Wierzbicki Steadicam assistant : Sławomir Wierzbicki Camera equipment: MX35 Gaffer: Rafał Okyne Lighting crew: Heliograf Lighting equipment: Heliograf Set decoration: Rafał Rusin Costume designer: Paula Dudziak Hair & make-up: Agnieszka Wilk Set duty: Daniel & Licho (Yellowóz) Catering on set/Generator/Wardrobe: Robert Piszczatowski Drivers: Bogdan Manowski, Andrzej Kornowski VFX supervisor: Maciej Jackiewicz Layout artist: Dominik Wawrzyniak VFX artists: Seweryn Czarnecki, Andrzej Przydatek, Tomasz Przydatek, Waldemar Woźniak, Sylwester Lipiński, Benjamin Mcallister Music: "Porcelain" written & performed by snowbird,from the album "moon" (Bella Union P&C 2013) Sound producer: Sylwia Szczepankiewicz (Juice) Sound design & mix: Kuba Pietrzak (Juice) Digital intermediate: Piotr Dutkiewicz Special thanks: Kampinos National Park, Poland, The Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw, Poland Mattias Malmer, Simon Raymonde, Grzegorz Nizio, Łukasz Alwast, Pedro Russo Copyright: European Space Agency (2016)

7. Epilogue to a Breakup

  • Published: 2014-09-05T06:33:47+00:00
  • Duration: 578
  • By Cartoon Brew
Epilogue to a Breakup

"Epilogue to a Breakup" by Guy Elnathan debuts online exclusively in Cartoon Brew's 5th annual Student Animation Festival. VISIT Guy's website: To learn more about the production of this film, visit:

8. Epilogue

  • Published: 2013-05-10T11:57:00+00:00
  • Duration: 6
  • By Ron Domingue

Intro animation for Epilogue.

9. HALO 4 Epilogue cut-scene cinematic

  • Published: 2013-10-11T08:48:16+00:00
  • Duration: 254
  • By Digic Pictures
HALO 4 Epilogue cut-scene cinematic

HALO 4, 2012 Epilogue Publisher: Microsoft Studios Developer: 343 Industries Release date: November 5th, 2012 Cinematic by: Digic Pictures

10. The Antlers - Two / Epilogue - A Take Away Show

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  • Duration: 929
  • By La Blogotheque
The Antlers - Two / Epilogue - A Take Away Show

The Antlers playing two of their songs in the back of a Parisian café. Produced by Chryde for Blogothèque Images and Edit by Nathanaël Le Scouarnec Sound by Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet

11. Epilogue

  • Published: 2015-05-31T10:42:50+00:00
  • Duration: 169
  • By Marton Kabai

The human race had the biggest task to conquer the nature in order to survive and make its own suitable and safe environment to live in. The crucial idea of Humanism was to support the growth and expansion of our civilisation, until this expansion started restrain other living species in creating their own safe environments. According to Darwinism the animals are our relatives. Human being holds an equally important role on this planet as any other living creature. We are facing a threat of complete extinction of wild animals – such as elephants, rhinoceros, pangolins, tigers, whales..etc – leaving us only with animals in captivity. My work would like to mapping the extinction of wild life caused by the growth of the human civilization, reflected on the even more becoming contradictable term: humanism. With this mapping, I wanted to show how we have lost the natural connection with the animals, therefore with ourselves. My work intends to show the absence of needed attention on this issue and envisages a dystopia of nature without animals. The movie contains more than two thousand manually edited images. I used the speech from Charlie Chaplin from The Great Dictator 1940'


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  • Duration: 60

Epilogue sequence of "THE TARGET" Artwork - Saerom Kim Motion - Saerom Kim 2014.03

13. Trailer "EPILOGUE"


Trailer du court métrage "EPILOGUE", actuellement en post-production. Écrit et réalisé par KENTIN DENOYELLE Produit par SMD production Avec DOMINIKA TROICKA ROMAIN BOILEAU Chef Opérateur : BRUNO CAILLOUX Assistante opératrice : AMÉLIE DEBACKER Maquillage : SANDRA TOUSAINT Régie : CAROLINE BRENOT Montage : JERÔME LOZANO Étalonnage et FX :SAMUEL MORIN Musique trailer : Gui Boratto-"Trap" (III)

14. Volvo - Made by Sweden | Epilogue

  • Published: 2016-06-21T07:21:23+00:00
  • Duration: 241
  • By Indio
Volvo - Made by Sweden | Epilogue

Dir. Adam Berg

15. Sweet Fantasies Diary (Epilogue)-HD (1080p)

Sweet Fantasies Diary (Epilogue)-HD (1080p)

Website : Instagram : Facebook : & Twitter : 500px : Music : "The Flower Duet" from "Lakmé" Opera by Léo Delibes More pics on :

16. epilogue


director : alexis cherigny actress : betty li 2009



Trailer du court métrage "EPILOGUE", actuellement en post-production. Écrit et réalisé par KENTIN DENOYELLE Produit par SMD production Avec DOMINIKA TROICKA ROMAIN BOILEAU Chef Opérateur : BRUNO CAILLOUX Assistante opératrice : AMÉLIE DEBACKER Maquillage : SANDRA TOUSAINT Régie : CAROLINE BRENOT Montage : JERÔME LOZANO Étalonnage et FX :SAMUEL MORIN Musique trailer : Gui Boratto-"Trap" (III)

18. song of the sea epilogue storyboard

song of the sea epilogue storyboard

19. Volvo V90 - Made by Sweden - ”Epilogue”

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  • Duration: 241
  • By Red Pipe
Volvo V90 - Made by Sweden - ”Epilogue”

20. Epilogue 4*pi*r^2

Epilogue 4*pi*r^2

Created by Mattias Andersson & Henning Sandström Co-pilot: Ricard Rinaldo Music: PILOTPRIEST - Strangle Sphere donator: Jesper Berg