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1. [Listen] Soompi Chart Top 50 - November 2011, Week 2

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  • Duration: 1696
  • By Soompi
[Listen] Soompi Chart Top 50 - November 2011, Week 2 SNSD takes the win for a second week in a row. Three new songs get into the top 10 this week. Check out the full countdown article to see more in depth information such as new songs, chart movements and their actual scores. [00:00] 001 SNSD - The Boys(English ver ).mp3 [00:30] 002 Secret - Love Move.mp3 [01:17] 003 Orange Caramel - Shanghai Romance.mp3 [01:47] 004 Noel - I Miss You.mp3 [02:23] 005 Lee Seung Ki - We're Friends.mp3 [02:55] 006 Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) - Lucky Guy.mp3 [03:25] 007 Infinite - Paradise.mp3 [04:03] 008 T - Get It In (feat Tiger JK).mp3 [04:36] 009 Tablo - Bad (feat. Jin Sil).mp3 [05:06] 010 FT Island - Like The Birds.mp3 [05:36] 011 Huh Gak - Hello.mp3 [06:06] 012 Davichi - Love Oh Love.mp3 [06:36] 013 Suh Young Eun - Just You.mp3 [07:14] 014 4men & Mi - That Man That Woman.mp3 [08:00] 015 Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense.mp3 [08:34] 016 Wheesung - Here They Come.mp3 [09:06] 017 Sistar - Hot Place (feat. Brave Sound).mp3 [09:38] 018 Clover - Oppa I Know .mp3 [10:08] 019 Kara - Step.mp3 [10:38] 020 Lee Seung Chul - Western Sky.mp3 [11:11] 021 Monday Kiz - Broken Train.mp3 [11:51] 022 Simon D - Cheerz.mp3 [12:35] 023 Baek Ji Young - Hurts Here.mp3 [13:14] 024 Park Jae Bum - Girl Friend.mp3 [13:44] 025 Free Style - Say Hello.mp3 [14:08] 026 Verbal Jint - Gloomy Letter.mp3 [14:38] 027 Shin Seung Hoon - Like the Words You First Say.mp3 [15:26] 028 B1A4 - Beautiful Target.mp3 [15:56] 029 My Name - Message.mp3 [16:26] 030 Super Junior - A-Cha.mp3 [16:56] 031 Hyo Rin (Sistar) - To Me It's You.mp3 [17:26] 032 Boy Friend - Don't Touch My Girl.mp3 [18:09] 033 Bobby Kim - Heartbreak.mp3 [18:39] 034 Sung Shi Kyung - I Like.mp3 [19:09] 035 Yangpa - I Will Remember.mp3 [19:48] 036 Kan Mi Yeon - Not Meeting.mp3 [20:26] 037 Kim Kyu Jong - Yesterday.mp3 [21:02] 038 T-ara - Roly-Poly.mp3 [21:33] 039 Jung Yup - Cry.mp3 [22:18] 040 Flower - Broken Yesterday.mp3 [22:50] 041 Yoon Jong Shin - Late Fall (feat. Kyu Hyun).mp3 [23:20] 042 Ali - How Can There Be Such A Thing.mp3 [23:50] 043 Kim Gun Mo - Today That Is Sadder than Yesterday .mp3 [24:36] 044 M.I.B - G.D.M.mp3 [25:06] 045 Kim Wan Sun - Be Quiet.mp3 [25:36] 046 Humming Urban Stereo (new) xoxo (feat. As One).mp3 [26:06] 047 Zi-A - The Way I Am (Feat. Ha Dong Kyun).mp3 [26:36] 048 Norazo - Sales King.mp3 [27:06] 049 UV - Moonlight.mp3 [27:36] 050 U-Kiss - Someday.mp3

2. YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GIRL - a touch of nostalgia - ALANI KIESER sings for Hilton Music UK

YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GIRL - a  touch of nostalgia - ALANI KIESER sings for Hilton Music UK

Our heroine will always remember 'first kiss' and the excitement of her High School romance. They parted and lost touch, but she has never stopped thinking about him, and, in her private world, she often relives the memories. Now the word on the Grapevine is that he's back in town, but he's not alone, and that's really bothering her! If they should meet by chance in the street, what will she do? In her mind, she's still his High School Girl! © Georgina Hilton, all rights reserved, vocals by South African songstress Alani Keiser,. Audio mixed and mastered by Sony Gonzalez at El Sotano Audio Studios in Guatemala. "OUR SONGS ARE MADE FOR SINGING!" We welcome artists at all levels who would like to sing our songs for practice, performance or recording. All Hilton Music UK material is PRS registered and available right now for licensing and covers - so please get in touch!. Contact address: [email protected] [email protected]-------------------------- 'Follow Me, Follow You!!' All connections are appreciated & will be reciprocated : TWITTER @HiltonMusicUK: SOUNDCLOUD: REVERBNATION: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The lyrics for 'High School Girl' They say girls can never forget 'First Kiss' The memory won't ever wash off our lips The flirting with 'footsie', the Prom's final dance Lessons I learned in High School romance You were my teacher. But then we were parted, your folks moved away You promised you'd write me, but no letters came I guess you'd forgotten, like most fella's do But I kept thinking of you. The 'selfies' we took are stored on my phone I often go there when I'm alone My little secret, my private world Where I am still your High School girl. I heard on the grapevine, you're back in this town But no longer single, you're settling down That news really hit me, I hope it's not true 'Cause I'm still thinking of you. The 'selfies' we took are stored on my phone I often go there when I'm alone My little secret, my private world Where I am still your High School girl. We meet in the street, I don't know what to do Ignore you? Or greet you? My tears may break through I'm fighting them back, but it's hard to stay cool When I'm still your High School girl. lyrics © Georgina Hilton, all rights reserved ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics video produced by Hilton Music UK -------------------------------------------------------- In accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution License, acknowledgment and thanks is given to the undermentioned link for the use of public domain images in this video: Elizabeth Albert

3. Sandy Kilpatrick ≈ ARTISTIC RESIDENCE


#1 Freedom This portrait of the solitude involved in artistic creation, and the joy of discovering new ideas, shows Sandy at work on his songs, from the start of the process until its delicate conclusion. Freedom is the point of departure of his artistic residency in GNRation. 2013, September. ❂ #2 Work. When we think of a writer, or an artist, or a performer, there is tremendous romance in the idea of that first creative spark, of that first spark that is like a flash of genius. There is great mystery in that of course, and in a way that sense of mystery helps us to appreciate the art that we love the most. But there are also big rewards in the work itself; editing and consolidating an idea, refining it and getting closer to the thing you want to say. Sometimes the work needs to be hidden to share the magic, but sometimes it can be made transparent and add to the magic, like sharing an intimate secret with someone you love. 2013, Oct. ❂ #3 Perfomance. A performance, as Patti Smith once said, is a sacred ritual. It's a sacred ritual where the artist must be prepared to give everything. When I was touring my last album, Redemption Road, I did most of the shows solo. Which was ironic because I worked with a lot of great musicians on the recordings, creating a lush soundscape that I had always imagined recreating live. So playing solo forced me to re-think the songs and focus on my performance and playing, to focus on the honesty and transparency of my performance, and to try to create a profound intimacy in what really is a sacred moment between the performer and the public. 2013, Nov.

4. Raymond and Jia Hui Love Train Marriage Proposal (14 Feb 2013)

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  • By HelpYouMarry
Raymond and Jia Hui Love Train Marriage Proposal (14 Feb 2013)

It is certainly heartwarming for us to be writing this now. We have known Raymond for more than 10 years, and watching him propose to the love his life, well, what more can we say? It reminds us exactly of why we love doing marriage proposals! :) Raymond and Jia Hui got to know each other through their days in NUS Geyao. She is perfect for him. They have a very sweet romance, as many of us who know him will know. He did many sweet things for her, which we still remember. Before the actual day, we had our usual secret meetings and communication. Raymond changed my name from "Jennifer" to “Justin Quek” on his contact list to avoid suspicion from Jia Hui (My partner thus calls me “Justin” now). Being a true-blue professional engineer, he even synced his incoming emails to a private hard drive so as not to leave any traces of communication. They had so many little stories to share and he wanted to relive it with her during their proposal. So we thought, why not create these stories out for them. We had so many ideas! From the wild idea of creating a private-garden photo memory lane (yes! in the train) for them, to our final concept, a series of illustrations depicting their little stories leading to the BIG question. We can still remember clearly the "panic attacks" that 90% of our guys will suffer on the day before their proposal. There was a single, decorated Love Train plying between terminal Harborfront and Punggol, Thus, they had to board the train at an exact timing and exact door at the station of their proposal. We constantly (and secretly) coordinated with them on their location and the correct train door and time. Everything had to be that precise! What about her? How did she feel? She thought it was a normal Valentine's Day outing. Meeting Raymond, taking the train to their destination to start off their romantic date. Upon boarding, they were lucky to get a seat when two strangers took off. Or is it? Once seated, three unfamiliar ladies opposite started flashing huge cartoon drawings in coordinated fashion. "What is this?" came the inevitable thought. Two other strangers started to strum their guitars and sang love songs. As the ladies continued flashing other drawings, it dawned upon her. This is my story! Raymond and my love story! She was utterly surprised. Never did she expect such an elaborate effort to be waiting for her there, right in a MRT cabin where people usually played with their phones, napped, or read books. Upon the last card, everything became clear. This is his marriage proposal to me! With a ring in hand, Raymond knelt down and asked the most important question of his life.

5. Lessons learned from RIHANNA’s songs

Lessons learned from RIHANNA’s songs

The review of "What is good" project is devoted to singer Rihanna’s creative work. The review is made from the traditional family values position. Site: Facebook: Link to this video: Download the video: ____________________________________________________ Lessons learned from Rihanna’s songs Rihanna is an American RnB and a pop-singer, who has more than three hundred musical rewards among which are eight GRAMMY statuettes. Her clips are being shown by musical channels, the media is telling about release of her another song or album, critics are commenting favorably on the creative work of talented performer. The only one question remaining outside the discussion is 'what are the lessons, learned from her songs?', and 'what kind of ideology does this singer promote?' Rihanna has a lot of clips; in the review we will use frames of her most popular videos. Propaganda of drugs, dirty things and perversions are all attributes of successful creation of singers, who dream to be on the top of the star world. Do you want to receive awards or to have shot a piece in the magazine? Follow the mainstream, which is setting by such idols of millions as Rihanna or Lady Gaga and Madonna. Rihanna turned into something of what she sings since her show business career has begun more than ten years ago. At least many materials in the media are showing her proactive in advocating the legalization of marijuana, supporting LGBT rights, wasting a large amount of money on alcohol, meeting with another boyfriend and so on. Naturally, this information is popularized so that many millions of her fans could follow the example of the singer. But apart from the “standard set” of promoted flows Rihanna has her own innovations. One of the distinguishing features of her many videos are open promotion of criminal romance and deviant behavior. In such videos as «Bitch Better Have My Money», «Shy Ronnie», «Needed Me» Rihanna at the same time is singing and playing a role of criminal, blackmailer, robber and murderer. Summarize. Creativity and the image of the singer Rihanna are aimed at: -propaganda of money worship, -propaganda of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, -propaganda of sex, vulgarity and perversions, -propaganda of deviant behavior and criminal lifestyle. Rihanna got a nickname “Princess of the Illuminati” because of her love to occult symbolism which is presented in abundance in almost every clip. She herself does not hide her belonging to the secret orders, she also makes a meaningful tattoos and whether in jest, or seriously in an interviews says that she serves the devil. Does the singer actually worship Satan or just leads a similar way of life not so important, more important is that her songs are promoting harmful thoughts, and despite this or precisely because of this are actively supported by music awards institutions and global media. And this fact says a lot. For what purpose the modern music works rewarding and popularizing artists like Rihanna? [...] Read the article: ____________________________________________________ Tags: Rihanna, propaganda, music, songs, lesson, Princess of the Illuminati, Illuminati, alcohol, sex, vulgarity, perversions, Shy Ronnie, Needed Me, pop-singer, RnB, clips, video, online, awards Tags 2: #Rihanna #propaganda #music #songs #lesson #Princess #Illuminati #alcohol #sex #vulgarity #perversions #ShyRonnie #NeededMe #singer #RnB #clips #video #online #awards

6. K.U.N.A. Part 2

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  • Duration: 585
  • By Mike Waters
K.U.N.A. Part 2

This video is part 2 of my K.U.N.A. collection (Koda kumi, Utada hikaru, Name amuro, Ayumi hamasaki). I go through tehir entire discogrphy and play a 5 second snippet of each of their songs. This video ranges from 1991 through 2003. - Namie Amuro "think of me / no more tears" (2001) - I TO YOU - Ayumi Hamasaki "evolution" (2001) - evolution - Utada Hikaru "Can You Keep A Secret?" (2001) - Can You Keep A Secret? // Kettobase! - Ayumi Hamasaki "NEVER EVER" (2001) - NEVER EVER - Utada Hikaru "Distance" (2001) - DISTANCE // Sunglasses // Drama // Eternally // Parody // Kotoba ni Naranai Kimochi - Koda Kumi "Trust Your Love" (2001) - Trust Your Love // STILL IN LOVE - Ayumi Hamasaki "Endless sorrow" (2001) - Endless sorrow - Ayumi Hamasaki "UNITE!" (2001) - UNITE! - Utada Hikaru "FINAL DISTANCE" (2001) - FINAL DISTANCE - Namie Amuro "Say the word" (2001) - Say the word // Let's not fight - Ayumi Hamasaki "Dearest" (2001) - Dearest - Koda Kumi "COLOR OF SOUL" (2001) - COLOR OF SOUL // It's too late - Utada Hikaru "traveling" (2001) - traveling - Ayumi Hamasaki "I am..." (2002) - I am... // opening Run // Connected // Naturally // still alone // Daybreak // taskinlude // A Song is born // no more words // flower garden - Namie Amuro "I WILL" (2002) - I WILL - Koda Kumi "So Into You" (2002) - So Into You - Namie Amuro "LOVE ENHANCED single collection" (2002) - lovin' it - Utada Hikaru "Hikari" (2002) - Hikari - Koda Kumi "affection" (2002) - atomic energy // Go Together // feel me // Best Friend Of Mine // My Dream // Till Morning Comes // come back // Can't Lose // walk - Ayumi Hamasaki "Free & Easy" (2002) - Free & Easy - Utada Hikaru "SAKURA Drops / Letters" (2002) - SAKURA Drops // Letters - Utada Hikaru "DEEP RIVER" (2002) - Shiawase ni Narou // Deep River // Play Ball // Tokyo NIGHTS // A.S.A.P. // Uso Mitai na I Love You // Bridge (Interlude) - Koda Kumi "love across the ocean" (2002) - love across the ocean // the meaning of peace - Ayumi Hamasaki "H" (2002) - independent // July 1st // HANABI - Namie Amuro "Wishing On The Same Star" (2002) - Wishing On The Same Star // Did U - Ayumi Hamasaki "Voyage" (2002) - Voyage - Koda Kumi "m.a.z.e." (2002) - m.a.z.e. // one - Ayumi Hamasaki "RAINBOW" (2002) - everlasting dream // WE WISH // Real me // Heartplace // Over // taskinillusion // everywhere nowhere // Dolls // neverending dream // Close to you // + - Utada Hikaru "COLORS" (2003) - COLORS - Koda Kumi "real Emotion / 1000 no Kotoba" (2003) - real Emotion // 1000 no Kotoba - Namie Amuro "shine more" (2003) - shine more // Drive - Ayumi Hamasaki "A BALLADS" (2003) - RAINBOW // Sotsugyou Shashin - Koda Kumi "grow into one" (2003) - Teaser // BOY FRIEND? // Your only one // One night romance // S.O.S ~sound of silence~ // Ranhansha // Pearl Moon // Nasty girl // To be one - Ayumi Hamasaki "&" (2003) - ourselves // Greatful days // HANABI ~episode II~ // theme of a-nation'03 - Namie Amuro "Put 'Em Up" (2003) - Put 'Em Up // exist for you - Ayumi Hamasaki "forgiveness" (2003) - forgiveness - Koda Kumi "COME WITH ME" (2003) - COME WITH ME - Namie Amuro "SO CRAZY / Come" (2003) - SO CRAZY // Come - Ayumi Hamasaki "No way to say" (2003) - No way to say - Koda Kumi "Gentle Words" (2003) - Gentle Words // Without Your Love // Saigo no Ame - Namie Amuro "STYLE" (2003) - Namie' Style // Indy Lady // Don't Lie To Me // LOVEBITE // Four Seasons // Fish // gimme more // As Good As - Ayumi Hamasaki "Memorial address" (2003) - ANGEL'S SONG // Because of You // Memorial address

7. Twitter Music ; Greenhouse Effect Top Internet Hits; Myspace Top 50 Bands 2009.

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  • Duration: 213
  • By George Webster
Twitter Music ; Greenhouse Effect Top Internet Hits; Myspace Top 50 Bands 2009.

The "Hit Factory" that is G.e. is internet 'relentless' ...From the classic "Brandy" to 'White Suburban Liar$' title track to the 1992 'Rock Opera' 16 Song collecion to "It Ain't easy" and 'White Black Thang' and IRIE BOB -G.E. is certainly no one hit wonder with "Brandy' indeed ! Tons of Great songs that work extremely well in the fixed rigid environment that is cyberspace have assured G.e. a place in Rock History as an internet phenomenon and blasted them into the Top 50 Bands of all Time at Myspace !! "With a little advertising, can do a hell of alot and really get seen and noticed" says Clark hagins, guitarist for one of the net's most known acts and a true ham on stage who 'acted it up' in all the zaney G.e. videos along with red headed bassist Rick Carmody and hillarious drummer Palle Carlson - daily infront of millions in Google Search engines; "things like Blip tv are great for bands,...Blip tv videos look professional and they make a band get noticed,...then when they go to truveo and all those search engines like Revver and mefeedia,..then yer gonna get seen ALOT TOO,...YER GONNA BUILD friends, fans, and new myspace friends as well,..but Twitter really is the most amazing thing,...working with Twitter and blip tv in conjunction is key -,..yer gonna get seen,..and yer gonna get looky loo's, will send you up the Myspace charts high,...i'm not gonna sit here and say that tomorrow ,..some band is gonna get seen and instantly get 55,000 plays on youtube like Greenhouse Effect has gotten,..but it can happen,..if you work hard, just takes work,..bands need to hire an internet czar to 'work' nightly for them,...we have an advantage because we have the song "Brandy' and alot of many people have told me that we're nothing without that song but that IS BULLSHIT , listen to us carefully, will see that ALL OUR SHIT IS HITS,....I JUST RAN OUT OF MONEY and youth way back then , 1992 Haggins says he uses things and tools like Myspace Banner advertising and a popular secret Company called to blast his songs into every search engine but that nothing compares to Twitter "With Twitter, if you can get someone like Tila Tequila or Perez Hilton to follow you,..or even if you just follow them,...yer gonna get seen,..with tweets, you can advertise your band or radio station , net or otherwise,...and you will get followers,...its important though to have a little real band banner work going like buying an ad at myspace,...yer sure to go up the charts then,.... Greenhouse Effect revel in being one of the most seen videos ever at GoogleVideoCom,..not just for bands - but rather for 'anything' with their 2007 video for their song 'White Black Thang' ,..views for this song are confirmed in the 60 million plus area with over one million song downloads through March 2009. Haggins says its a 'natural advantage' G.e. has over other artists , as they work with the internet and Myspace and Youtube; "We write really good songs that are meat and potato, other band from today can possibly challenge us,..certainly not 'My Chemical Romance or Fall out boy or any of that mtv shit,.....fuck it man,...i would hate to be the kid from today who is 18 to 27 who is trying to convince everyone or anyone how G.e. sucks ! ,..thats just not gonna fly pal when you weren't even born when G.e. was around ! Yer gonna sit there and try to tell me or anyone ,..that you possibly know more about rock n roll than the Clark the Shark guy from Redondo beach who was once the lead singer of Swa ?? and who grew up back in the South Bay with a huge vinyl record collection of Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, and Angry Samoans ?? Well, some kid in Panic at the Disco or Paramore,..I say this; Be my guest man,..Go for it- i dare ya !! - I'm the fuckin' guy who threw all the Wilson Park Shows in Torrance - you little shithead !! Another weapon G.e. has going for them is that they are one of those 'silly 1970's sounding authentic bands like Grand Funk or the Guess Who' and that People into the Who, the Doors and Led Zeppelin are almost immediately gonna step it up and take up for G.e. almost instantly; "Don't mess with G.e. kid,..yer messin' with classic rock there,..its like fuckin' messin' around with Jim Ladd or Joe Bensen boy !!" Haggins says that the Tubemogul Video sending service cuts his work load in half as it blasts new G.e. songs to thousands of new engines as well as the popular bulk emailing tool. "Those are great' says Higgins