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1. Spaceman


A character animation short featuring the curious Spaceman, his malfunctioning suit and the of course the object of his interest; the elusive Dragoncopterfly! I've been wanting to dip more inte character animation and this is one of my first piece of this kind so far. Hopefully I'll have time to do more of these in the future! The sound is holophonic so wear headphones to get the full audio experience as well :) Credits: All motion design and animation is made by me, Johannes Matsson. Alessandro Alcinesio from the collective "eva!" made the fantastic sound design and music for the piece! You should check out his work at: And "eva!"s work you can find at: Also thanks to Dany Leanza for helping out with the voices. Enjoy!

2. Spaceman

  • Published: 2011-06-28T12:27:20+00:00
  • Duration: 130
  • By James Isbell

This is story about an ordinary designer that meets an extra ordinary friend. Together they step outside and discover the star filled sky above their heads. What happens next? ..why not watch and find out :) Tools: After Effects, Blender 3d, Canon 350D (I need an upgrade) ;)

3. Spaceman George

  • Published: 2011-07-19T18:06:43+00:00
  • Duration: 22
  • By Jim Levasseur
Spaceman George

Spaceman George does space stuff, in space. He is not the world's greatest astronaut, but he sure tries hard. Rigging/animation/lighting/sound by Jim Levasseur. Character model/texture by Duncan Fraser. Hip-hop sample from Das Racist. Maya + RenderMan + Magic Bullet Looks.

4. Spaceman

  • Published: 2014-07-30T00:27:07+00:00
  • Duration: 52
  • By Candy Burger

Candy Burger's first short film! Spaceman sheds light on the terrors of life and lunch in space. Check out our other work! Facebook - Tumblr - Homepage - Sound Design by

5. Spaceman

  • Published: 2015-06-29T06:57:10+00:00
  • Duration: 20
  • By Claude Autret

Test render combining Elements 3D v2.2, Trapcode Particular, and Mettle Skybox to blend everything together. Skybox brings really nice reflection & refraction to Element 3D, and enables it to reflect Trapcode particles. Pretty awesome being able to do all that only in After Effects ! Astronaut model from Raoul Marx"s semi-permanent 2015 opening titles: &

6. McDonald's - Spaceman Stu

  • Published: 2010-08-09T14:00:53+00:00
  • Duration: 30
  • By Kompost
McDonald's - Spaceman Stu

Leo Burnett asked us to create an original animation to promote McDonalds Happy Meal. We did just that by captivating the imagination that lives inside every child. The story and the visuals show the colorful environment projected from Spaceman Stu's point of view. Stu loves to gaze at the stars with a fish bowl over his head, dreaming of floating among them in space one day. -------------------------------------------------- Client: McDonald's Agency: Leo Burnett Production Company: Duck Studios Executive Producer: Mark Medernach Animation Studio / Production Company: Kompost Director & AD: Oliver Conrad Executive Producer: Gian Klainguti Lead VFX: Kenneth Polonski VFX Artist: Christopher Soyer Lead Animator: Christian Semczuk Layout and Animation: Laszlo Nyikos Lead Compositor: Olio Vergine Nuke Compositor: David Francois Rigging & Modeling: Boris Ignatovic

7. Spaceman...


This is my entry for the animation sequence project. And it's also one of my first motion graphics pieces. I don't expect to be one of the winners. There are many great artists that participated in the project and I was simply inspired to try it out and it became a great learning experience. Hope you Enjoy it. TRT: 00:10s Softwares used: After effects, Illustrator, Toon Boom Animate Pro

8. Expedia - Spaceman

  • Published: 2015-04-14T19:11:36+00:00
  • Duration: 20
  • By Buck
Expedia - Spaceman

When you need a big metaphor to illustrate Expedia's savings, you can't go wrong with space! We do feel a little bad for housekeeping after mussing up that many beds.

9. The Syrian spaceman who became a refugee

  • Published: 2016-03-01T14:19:25+00:00
  • Duration: 433
  • By The Guardian
The Syrian spaceman who became a refugee

Muhammed Faris became Syria’s first Syrian astronaut in 1987, and subsequently used as a propaganda tool by President Hafez al-Assad. But when the Syrian people rose up against his son Bashar, Faris sided with the Free Syrian Army rebels. Now a refugee in Istanbul, he reflects on his exile from the beloved country he once saw from space

10. The Spaceman and the Moon

  • Published: 2013-09-06T16:19:50+00:00
  • Duration: 362
  • By Dhomochevsky
The Spaceman and the Moon

My graduation short film (2011) Directed, animated, etc. by Gabriele Pala - Music and sound design by Stefano Guzzetti - All rights reserved.

11. Spaceman Stu

  • Published: 2010-09-28T17:22:16+00:00
  • Duration: 30
  • By Chris Soyer
Spaceman Stu

Another awesome piece I got to work on with the guys at Kompost. I did the fluids, some particles, and a few paint fixes in Nuke. Software Used Realflow, Maya, Nuke

12. Spaceman (Short Film)

  • Published: 2016-09-24T20:52:54+00:00
  • Duration: 628
  • By Stada Video
Spaceman (Short Film)

Another short film from director Danny Lacey. Filmed on the Isle of Man in summer 2016 and on a budget of £2,000. More details can be found here..



The depths of mankind's last unknown frontiers - outer space and a grieving heart - are explored in this brave and funny new play about a woman's solo journey to Mars. Written and Directed by Leegrid Stevens Set Design: Carolyn Mraz Light Design: Driscoll Otto and Simon Cleveland Costume Design: Rabiah Troncelliti Sound Design: Leegrid Stevens Stage Manager: John Nehlich CAST Molly Jennis: Erin Treadway Harry Jennis: Shawn Davis Voices: Regan Adair, Yoshi Amao, Amira Anthony, Leila Anthony, Jeff Auer, Regan Glover, Saori Goda, Kaison Louie, Mika Louie, Lynne McCollough, Andres Munar, Eric Slater, Leegrid Stevens Video production by David Pym

14. spaceman


experimental animation 'gravity'

15. spaceman



16. Baylon Zoo SpaceMan

  • Published: 2013-06-15T20:54:30+00:00
  • Duration: 241
  • By Sebastian
Baylon Zoo SpaceMan

17. Spaceman Spence

  • Published: 2015-04-24T01:50:32+00:00
  • Duration: 67
  • By Luke Coleman
Spaceman Spence

Fourth Year Student Film Sheridan College 2015 Animated and Directed by Luke Coleman

18. (Old Version!) Spaceman

  • Published: 2011-02-25T09:00:07+00:00
  • Duration: 119
  • By James Isbell
(Old Version!) Spaceman

This is an old version see: Music: flying into tokyo by Magnetic Man Tools: After Effects, Blender 3d, Canon 350D (needs an upgrade) ;)

19. Voyage of the Galactic Space Dangler

Voyage of the Galactic Space Dangler

A space man meets a cave man. (All practical effects) Behind the Scenes video: Directed by Evan Mann Produced by Otherworldly Productions Director of Photography: Brook Aitken Musical Score: Joseph Reuben Production Manager: Alex Lorn-Krause Photography: Harper Point Colorist: Waylon Trostel Actors: Andrew Finzel, Nolan Brown, Rick Romero, Valerie Simon Costume/prop fabrication: Chau Simon, Claire Anderson Make-up Artist: Courtney Scherer Writing, Animation, Editing, Art and Sound Design also by Evan Mann