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1. Attack On Titan: Ending 2

  • Published: 2014-02-27T01:50:02Z
  • By C.Y.C.
Attack On Titan:  Ending 2

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3. Another: Opening 1

  • Published: 2014-02-27T01:47:33Z
  • By C.Y.C.
Another:  Opening 1

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4. JAY-CARTER MUSIC - Blue_Notes (REMIX) 2017

JAY-CARTER MUSIC - Blue_Notes (REMIX) 2017

Jay-Carter Music - Blue_Notes ( REMIX) 2017

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7. Y.C.L.G - Rick

  • Published: 2015-11-18T05:38:24Z
  • By Rickvo
Y.C.L.G - Rick

#Wallet #Voriginal Instrumental: Poppin Bottles Mix: Ryco Giấu cái gì??? oh man! Anh không phải là trộm cắp nên không có gì để giấu em Tim anh vẫn còn trẻ, không muốn yêu giờ đâu em. Đàn bà là những niềm đau, đụng vào chỉ toàn là máu me Đừng cố vẽ lên cuộc đời anh thêm những vết mực thật xấu đen. Đừng bắt anh yêu ai. Nếu tình yêu này là ma trận thì anh chưa hiểu bài Giọng em ngọt như đường, ai lỡ nghe thì củng sẽ yêu ngay Nhưng đường là của nhà nước, nên đừng bắt con tim này tiêu xài. Người ta nói thế kỉ này con gái yêu mấy thằng da trắng Vậy em yêu anh để làm gì khi mà ngày nào anh củng ra nắng Em yêu những thằng nào uốn éo, mặc quần bó đeo bông tai Anh chỉ mặc quần thụng, một tay cầm kéo, một tay cầm con mic. Anh không lãng mạn để nói cho em những lời hoa mĩ Fuck lời người ta nghĩ, yêu anh để làm gì vì anh yêu em là điều xa xỉ. Xem kìa, tụi nó vì em mà tranh nhau.. Riêng phần anh đừng nghe lời anh theo trốn bởi vì lúc về em sẽ không về với anh đâu “Anh bán em qua Trung Quốc bây giờ” Anh mơ ngôi nhà với 4 bức tường đầy giấy nháp. Để khi anh về già ai củng biết anh đã lấy Rap Anh đeo nhẫn cưới cho nó, nó và anh sẽ hợp pháp. Còn em là người đang cố làm vợ tương lai của anh ngày môt đẹp nên em yêu anh làm gì đây anh không phải người đa tình. Anh không phải người hoàn hảo lo cho em và gia đình Anh không phải người đồng tính, muốn ôm ấp và hòa bình Anh chỉ muốn đóng mộc đỏ cho cả sân khấu này mãi là nhà mình. I keep it real! Nên em ơi đừng nói lời yêu, trái tim anh là lò thiêu Là đáy thuyền, ngụp sâu dưới đáy còn em không phải là Yết Kiêu Em nói anh là Tổ quốc và em phụng sự. Anh nói anh chỉ yêu em khi lũ câu không còn núp trong bóng mát và bụng bự.

nothing at of , which is

8. La Roux - Bulletproof (Declain & V.Y.C. 2k16 Bootleg)*BUY=FREE DOWNLOAD*

La Roux - Bulletproof (Declain & V.Y.C. 2k16 Bootleg)*BUY=FREE DOWNLOAD*

La Roux - Bulletproof (Declain & V.Y.C. 2k16 Bootleg) Out Now on Chase The Edits! FREE DOWNLOAD: Declain: @declain V.Y.C.: @verhy-cypro

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9. Mac Dre - Cal Bear

  • Published: 2011-01-11T00:08:32Z
  • By YiKeS805
Mac Dre - Cal Bear

nothing at of , which is

10. touch me // ft. inas

touch me // ft. inas

Huge shout out to @myrne / @dirtychocolate and @montell2099 for the mad inspiration for this song. both of their last drops fuelled me like nothing I've ever experienced. I honestly owe this track to them for inspiring me so deeply. go peep their latest <3 w/ @dirtychocolate and Ofc this track would be just a ghost of its self with out the beautiful vocals & catchy writing of @inasiam go follow her :) // Also! In just a few days - july 01 - will mark to the day, one year since i dropped my first song of this project 'hello everyone I'm four lore' So so grateful for all the support and how much I've grown (musically) over the past year. this song marks the culmination of where i have come to, the amount of work i put into this one... well i hope it speaks for its self <3. so s/o to all of you fam. i honestly could not be here with out you.  -Written, produced, mixed and mastered by: @fourlore -Vocals written and recorded by: @inasiam -Extra vocal hit frm: @dannah-davies -Original photo from tumblr: -Art-vibes of photo by my boi: @mueseum // -Shout out to my most trusted musical ear: @josip-vulic -dl link: like always a free wav download ~ ily all fam ❤️ p.s. happy fathers day <3

nothing at of , which is

11. Te Amo - Sergio Dalma & Chenoa - Y&C

Te Amo - Sergio Dalma & Chenoa  - Y&C

Definitivamente una canción inolvidable mi angelita <3

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12. R. - T. I. W. Y. C. F. - Luis Alvarado Tribal Mix (remastered)

R. - T. I. W. Y. C. F. - Luis Alvarado Tribal Mix (remastered)

New Remix!!! Rihanna - This Is What You Came For - Luis Alvarado Tribal Mix Free Download July 26 !!!!

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14. first impressions // ft. dannah

first impressions // ft. dannah

damn. thank you all <3 Vocals By Dannah -> this was a first. she likes to sing while making candy, walking her dog and driving. Production, mixing and mastering by four lore :) like ususal 100% original prod. free download - love u all thx for so much support! means the world to me! for real tho. damn. photo by: Agostino Arrivabene.Gold flies . 2014 . Oil, insects, gold on Wood . ~ found on tumblr :

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16. VOLCANO (feat. Phoene Somsavath)

VOLCANO (feat. Phoene Somsavath)

Order FR & Wrld Order UK: Saycet is a name that’s been on an increasing number of lips over the last few years, like a secret too precious to keep to oneself. With just a few releases to his name, the project by Parisian producer Pierre Lefeuvre has elegantly evolved in a resolutely modern fashion, attracting attention more or less everywhere around the world from people who like their music electronic and heavy with organic emotion. Using electronic music as his original inspiration, and influenced by the hypnotising, minimal sounds of both Germany and Iceland, Saycet has matured his sound thanks to intensive touring of Europe, Russia and Asia, gaining international fans at every stop. His new (third) album, due for release in early 2015, was nourished by this experience of travelling and playing live over the past few years. More directly, the new Saycet has taken inspiration from images and forms (a certain interest for design, architecture, and visits to Le Corbusier’s ‘Cité radieuse’), widening his style to include pop and radiant sonic mirages in which one can get deeply, deeply lost. The aim is no longer to choose between black and white and spirals of colours, but to stimulate emotion and take you on a journey, without or without a return ticket. He has worked in close collaboration with vocalist & lyricist Phoene Somsavath on several songs from his upcoming album, adding a complementary dimension to his craft. On stage, Pierre is accompanied by Louise Roam (vocals, violin, keyboards) and Zita Cochet (stage design, video projection)

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17. I.Y.A.P.Y.C.H.T.S by JRaB

I.Y.A.P.Y.C.H.T.S by JRaB

Full details: HERE >> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Follow JRaB: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Follow Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Tumblr

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18. fire proof by one direction

  • Published: 2014-09-08T13:52:13Z
  • By mgndpls
fire proof by one direction

sorry if my voice sounds annoying it's just a sample

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19. Bleach: ALL Openings

  • Published: 2014-02-27T02:20:31Z
  • By C.Y.C.
Bleach:  ALL Openings

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20. 15


sayCet Album :Through the Window

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